Shibori lampshade onde bruyère 22


A graphic and discreet pattern for a soft light as a table lamp or pendant.
dye: heather flowers, very pale pink colour

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The round shape and colour of the lamp is suitable for table lamps of any style. Its graphic and discreet pattern blends easily with different types of materials. It can also be used as a single pendant or in clusters of several shades.
Lampshade in hemp & silk

These colours remain alive, more or less solid depending on the plant, and will change over time. They must be protected from direct sunlight and humidity so as not to be damaged. The Atelier Textile Agnès Calas cannot be held responsible for the evolution of these natural colours due to improper use (exposure to sunlight or humidity in particular...) which would accentuate their degradation over time.

Dimensions: diameter 22 height: 28 cm
E27 max 5w bulb recommended (not supplied). Not suitable for outdoor use.
Stand not included


It is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 5 cm between the lampshade and the bulb to avoid damaging it. However, since the advent of LED bulbs, which emit very little heat, this precaution is less necessary.

The ideal diameter of a suspension in a room : (length of the room in m + width of the room in m(length of the room in m + width of the room in m

The ideal height of a suspension : It is preferable to leave a minimum of 2.15 m between the lower part of the suspension and the ground.

The ideal diameter of a suspension above a table : diameter of the shade = at least 30 cm less than the width of the table.

Above a dining table : Allow 80 to 120 cm between the table top and the bottom of the suspension.

The ideal diameter The ideal diameter should be 1.5 to 2 times the width of the lamp foot or base.

The height of the lampshade should never exceed that of the foot.

The lampshade must not hide the base of the lamponly the socket. 

For a floor lamp prefer a large lampshade

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